Calaska Culture

Bringing Native Alaskans together in Northern California to practice traditional cultural activities.

Upcoming Events

Nov 23

Culture Camp 2019 Event Image

11 AM - 5 PM

Culture Camp 2019

Cultural Activities

A 10 inch round deerskin rawhide leather round is used to form the drum. Once the holes are pounded into the leather, round wooden frames are placed on the table to stretch the hide. A leather lace is stretched and ready at this time to start lacing the drum together weaving in and out of the drums.

Drum Picture 1
Drum Picture 2
Drum Picture 3

Past Events

Oct 12 – Oct 14

Paddle Workshop 2018 Event Image

10 AM - 5 PM

Paddle Workshop 2018

Aug 31 - Sep 2

Bentwood Box 2018 Event Image

10AM - 5PM

Bentwood Box Class 2018