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Calaska Culture

CAlaska Culture is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing Alaska Native culture to those of us living in California. Although Calaska Culture was officially founded in 2017, we have been hosting events since 2015.


To promote and share Alaska Native culture in California despite being far from our ancestral lands.


For Alaska Natives and their families seeking to learn traditional culture. CAlaska Culture provides education in traditional regalia making, art, history, singing, storytelling and eating traditional foods from the land and sea.


My name is DonnaRae James (Klinklia). I was born and raised on Prince of Wales Island in the town of Craig Alaska. I have two sons Donavin and Devin.

My mother is Charlene James-Wolfe of Craig Grandmother Evelyn (Blondie), Great Grandfather Ralph Koosk James from Kake Alaska, great grandmother Lydia M James(Naani) of Hydaburg Alaska. Grandfather Joseph K Samuels nephew of Ester Shea of Ketchikan Alaska. My father is of the Raven Dog Salmon from Tuxecan (tux-eh-kaan).

I am Hawaiian, Tlingit, Haida, Eagle Frog of the Kooskadee clan. I have been involved in Tlingit and Haida Central Council as a delegate, Alaska Native Sisterhood, Shaan Seet Incorporated youth intern, cedar bark weaving classes, many cultural events on Prince of Wales, Ketchikan, and Juneau Alaska, Alaska Federation of Natives delegate.

Recently I have started the CAlaska Culture Camp that takes place in March. This is very exciting watching it become a reality after dreaming all these years about it. This years culture camp consisted of drum making, cedar bark weaving, octopus bags, devils club beaded necklaces and paddle making.

In addition to the culture camp I am holding a three day moccasin class in Fort Ross California. October 6th-8th I will be hosting a three day One People Canoe Society Paddle making class with master carver Doug Chilton of Juneau.

My family moved to Roseville, California in 2000. I traveled back and forth to Alaska to continue my job as a flagger holding a stop and go sign in all types of Alaskan weather and worked in the schools as a teachers aide and after schools program.

In 2007 I started working at UC Davis as a Surgical Technologist handing instruments to the surgeons.

I enjoy life with my two sons Donavin and Devin getting out into nature camping and exploring, being with family and friends, and most of all sharing my heritage.