Culture Camp 2019

Learn how to make traditional Tlingit & Haida art. Activities include weaving, beading, learning Haida language, and more.

Event Details

Culture Camp 2019
When: -
Where:Isleton Community Center
210 Jackson Blvd Exd, Isleton CA
Price: $20.00 per person

Please be ready to choose your projects due to the limited time we have.

  1. Devils Club Beaded necklace
  2. Tlingit Medallion Charles Beck
  3. Kids Paper Craft
  4. Woven Cedar Raindeer
  5. Woven Cedar Bracelet
  6. Beaded Project Barb Nix, Natalie Suan
  7. Leather Medicine Pouch
  8. Eagle or Raven Pouch
  9. Small Yellow Cedar Paddle
  10. Haida Story Telling Rob Yates from Creswell, Oregon (Craig, Alaska)
  11. Octopus Bag